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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Party ~ Let's get eggcited!

I really can't wait for x'mas to come!
On the eve, I'll be having a romantic dinner with Iv @ spruce! Counting down to our first joyous X'mas together!

Well, on the day itself, i'll be meeting the fashionistas for x'mas dinner!!

Today, i was waiting LB's last collection of the year to be launched. Haha, i guess every fan of LB knows that you must have fast fingers in order to grab your favourite piece because they got sold out real fast! Now you see it, now you don't.

Their pieces are all so beautiful but it only comes in limited numbers. I missed quite a few eye catching ones! Heartaching...
And this time,I managed to grab a dress that caught my eye ! and also bought their new launched heels to go with it. HEHE...
Velvet Canyon dress.( midnight blue)
for X'mas eve dinner with Iv:)

Quatrain Graphic Tunic
for New year eve celebration:)

Suede Biker heels.

I'm totally in love with them:) Well, what to do? We ladies just can't get enough of filling up our wardrobe with these beauties!

Ok! that's all for today:) till later peeps~

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