Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smile for yourself

Ask most people what they want out of life and the answer is simple - to be happy. Maybe it's this expectation of wanting to be happy
that just keeps us from ever getting there. Maybe the more we try to will ourselves to states of bliss, the more confused we get -
to the point where we don't recognize ourselves. Instead we just keep smiling - trying to be the happy people we wish we were.
Until it eventually hits us, it's been there all along. Not in our dreams or our hopes but in the known, the comfortable, the familiar.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ties that bind

''A wise man once said you can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it. What he meant is nothing comes without a price. So before you go into battle, you better decide how much you’re willing to lose. Too often, going after what feels good means letting go of what you know is right, and letting someone in means abandoning the walls you’ve spent a lifetime building. Of course, the toughest sacrifices are the ones we don’t see coming, when we don’t have time to come up with a strategy to pick a side or to measure the potential loss. When that happens, when the battle chooses us and not the other way around, that’s when the sacrifice can turn out to be more than we can bear."
this week taught me, that happiness is within my grasp.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

down days

i want to pen these thoughts down, regardless they are stupid or unnecessary,i just want to get over it as soon as possible. Feeling so heavy hearted.
I have no idea why i've been feeling this way recently.
'Hello Insecurity. Long time -no see. But i definitely don't feel happy seeing 'you' again. can 'you' just get lost. Thank you.

Well i know, this is one of the bits and pieces. You just can't escape.
At times, it just come to me that perhaps being inseparable may not be a good thing.
Of course,there are times when you need space for yourselves .
But after a period of time, will things change?

My fear: the flame turns milder, passion subsides. That's the last thing i want to realise.

First thought:' Do you still need me as much as before? Are you still head over heels in love with me? why didn't you check/reply my facebook updates or messages i left on your wall ,like you used to, everytime you on your com ? is there still anticipations?'

Realised: Maybe you haven't , but i had. Ever since You're 'addicted' to your favourite 'pastime'.
Its hard to get your attention even when i'm with you, even when i need to talk to you.
I'm just afraid that if it goes on, things will become pointless and we will just drift apart.

Certain: i haven't lose an inch of my focus off you.
Have you?

is it true that people will learn to cherish only when they lose it?