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Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm back!

I'm finally home and back to work. A wink of an eye, lovely vacation was over.
I'll try to upload the picas asap! :) kinda miss the breathtaking view and the lavender cottage .
And i didnt put on any kilos! Instead, i shed some. haha
Oh well, good and bad. I guess i wasn't used to the food over there. Furthermore, i don't take pork. Taiwanese love meat, especially pork. So, i missed out on many local delicacies.
Adding on to it, i ended up having diahorrhea all the way till now, it haven't stopped.
If it carries on, i guess i'll be severely dehydrated. :(

Well, i enjoyed the cooling weather at the mountains and of cos, hotspring! of cos, it's fun travelling with my love . heh.

alrights! Gonna have my beauty sleep! night~

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