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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

down days

i want to pen these thoughts down, regardless they are stupid or unnecessary,i just want to get over it as soon as possible. Feeling so heavy hearted.
I have no idea why i've been feeling this way recently.
'Hello Insecurity. Long time -no see. But i definitely don't feel happy seeing 'you' again. can 'you' just get lost. Thank you.

Well i know, this is one of the bits and pieces. You just can't escape.
At times, it just come to me that perhaps being inseparable may not be a good thing.
Of course,there are times when you need space for yourselves .
But after a period of time, will things change?

My fear: the flame turns milder, passion subsides. That's the last thing i want to realise.

First thought:' Do you still need me as much as before? Are you still head over heels in love with me? why didn't you check/reply my facebook updates or messages i left on your wall ,like you used to, everytime you on your com ? is there still anticipations?'

Realised: Maybe you haven't , but i had. Ever since You're 'addicted' to your favourite 'pastime'.
Its hard to get your attention even when i'm with you, even when i need to talk to you.
I'm just afraid that if it goes on, things will become pointless and we will just drift apart.

Certain: i haven't lose an inch of my focus off you.
Have you?

is it true that people will learn to cherish only when they lose it?