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Thursday, November 4, 2010

So she says...

Hello folks.

I've decided to bid my previous blog farewell and switched to here!

Haha. Previous blog was set up in 2006 when i was still a teenager, rather immature i would say..and now ,I'd moved on to a different phase of life . so i suppose it's time for me to move on to a new webpage!

The title of the previous blog ( worldofvictims ) sounds quite negative and emo, i suppose? haha

so, i believe sooner or later i'll need to change the name as i grow older huh? So, that's what im doing now :)

Well, i 'd decided to name my blog - Viven-Alife.
Viven means Alive/ living ( in spanish).. It's exactly what i wanna portray in my blog - about living a life that i wanna stay as happy as i could :) Eat. Play. Love

Sorry to trouble you to update on the links if you have, or add me , or re-add me again yeah? haha :D
Anycase, thank u!

Have a great great great day! :)